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Why We Are Launching Best 1031 – Pt. 2

    Sellers Do Have Options

    How many times have you heard an owner of an investment property say:

    “I’d love to sell but I will get nailed with having to pay huge capital gains tax because there’s just nothing to exchange into.”

    I’m pleased to introduce the launch of the, where sellers and agents can learn more about all the benefits available to them through a well-planned, successful Tax Deferred 1031 Exchange.

    I felt we could better serve our clients by delivering this vital option to the industry because time and again I have seen money left on the table when it comes to investment property owners disposing of assets. So often these actions have led to clients paying HUGE amounts of capital gains taxes because they are simply not getting all the facts. Even worse, preventative wealth loss is often a result of uneducated advice due to lack of knowledge from client’s own listing agents who are selling the property that triggers this exchange.

    In addition, many of these owners still have their properties owned by personal entities that are not in trusts and they have no succession plans in place, other than to simply will them to their heirs. This “old-school” way of thinking could place undue burden on the heirs and it also could leave tremendous wealth on the table.

    A National Platform and A Proven Team Process

    Over the last five years, we have built a national network made up of best practices systems, trusted advisors, and professionals to make the exchange transaction a highly streamlined process.

    A large part of this network is being part of the SVN Platform, which allows us incredible national reach, with specific local data, as well as countless resources and professionals that make it possible to transact throughout the country. In addition to SVN, we have close relationships to high quality listing brokerages in the country, which gives us incredible access to the most desirable exchange inventory available. Finally, our administrative partners, include nationally recognized accommodators, title agents and escrow officers. We truly have a great process and a great team.

    I’ve created a Broker Referral Program, offering up to 50% of the buy side fee, so agents/brokers will have added incentive to stay in the middle of the transaction, which is what makes the most sense for the exchanger. It is my hope that through this process brokers/agents will learn the nuances of the 1031 Exchange, empowering them with positive insight and knowledge for future transactions. It is also my hope that this additional education will enable brokers/agents to suggest wealth strategies to their clients that previously may have been overlooked.

    Stay Tuned and Follow Us!

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    If you are an investment property owner who is interested in a no obligation, private consultation, please visit, or contact:
    James Bean of SVN-Rich Investment Real Estate Partners, CA DRE# 01970580
    james.bean @
    If you are an agent/broker, I am happy to discuss strategies with you on how to best serve your next listing client in preparing them for a successful exchange.