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Close up on a 1040 Tax form with a cord looped on top of it

It’s Not a Loophole

    Websters defines “loophole” as a means of escape or evasion; a means or opportunity of evading a rule, law etc. There are a number of loopholes in the tax laws whereby corporations can save money. I added the example of the word they used in… Read More »It’s Not a Loophole

    Relax beach


      Now that the election is over, the conversation over the repealing of Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Tax Code has begun to pick up steam again. And, like all the other times it has come up, the topic will calm down and the Democrats… Read More »RELAX

      1031 Education/Planning


        People don’t plan to fail… If you’ve been following me, then you know that more than 60% of 1031 Exchanges fail every year. While I am not privy to every single reason why, one of the main common threads to the unraveling is the sheer… Read More »Planning